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            Uzbek economics lecturer praises poverty elimination in China

            Updated:Apr 08,2021 10:50 AM chinadaily.com.cn

            Shahboz Babaev, an Uzbek lecturer in economics at the Anhui Finance and Trade Vocational College, praised China's practical measures and experiences on poverty alleviation and called on other countries to learn from China.

            "By far it was the largest poverty alleviation campaign in history," Babaev said. "I can say that the Chinese concept of promoting unity in eradicating poverty is a great example, and of course, worth being learned by other countries."

            China's fight against poverty entered a critical stage after the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012. At the end of 2020, China, with a population of nearly one-fifth of the world's total, achieved the goal of eliminating extreme poverty, when 98.99 million people in rural areas shook off poverty, according to white paper on poverty alleviation released on Tuesday.

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