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            Anhui among top 10 manufacturing regions in China

            Updated:Apr 06,2021 11:26 AM chinadaily.com.cn

            China has been the largest country for manufacturing industries for 11 consecutive years, contributing nearly 30 percent of the world's manufacturing industries, said CCID in late March in its latest white book on high quality development of manufacturing in 2021, evaluating the manufacturing development level of provincial-level areas in China based on six main indicators including scale, innovation and quality.

            As per the white book, the general manufacturing development level of China improved from a score of 36.67 in 2015 to 39.38 in 2019 in China, and saw a significant rise in innovation, energy savings and firm capability.

            Let's take a look at the top 10 provincial level regions of China by manufacturing development level.

            No 10 Anhui

            Score: 44.20

            No 9 Hunan

            Score: 44.93

            No 8 Hubei

            Score: 45.03

            No 7 Fujian

            Score: 46.52

            No 6 Shanghai

            Score: 49.95

            No 5 Shandong

            Score: 53.17

            No 4 Beijing

            Score: 53.22

            No 3 Zhejiang

            Score: 61.80

            No 2 Jiangsu

            Score: 68.81

            No 1 Guangdong

            Score: 81.23

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