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            Five rural industrial parks in Anhui lauded as nat'l models

            Updated:Apr 01,2021 14:45 PM www.cnanhui.org

            Five rural industrial integrated development parks in Anhui province, including one in Dawei township in the provincial capital Hefei, were selected into the third batch of national models, according to a recent announcement jointly release by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

            The move has brought the number of national rural industrial integrated devolopment demonstration parks to 16 in the province.

            The five new ones are in Baohe district of Hefei, Funan county in Fuyang, Lieshan district in Huaibei, Mingguang city in Chuzhou, and Yi’an district in Tongling, respectively.

            The demonstration parks are required to prompt integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas, improve agricultural efficiency, increase farmers' income and promote rural prosperity.

            Each demonstration park will innovate industrial integration modes and improve interest linkage mechanisms, in a bid to develop into a regional platform and a regional model for the integrated development of rural industries.

            Local governments are urged to support the demonstration parks with relevant funds. Qualified enterprises in the parks should be given priority to issuing special corporate bonds, and banking institutions are encouraged to give necessary credit support to qualified demonstration parks and enterprises.

            In addition, land for the demonstration parks should be further guaranteed, and support for their land use should be increased.

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